RG California Adventure Class

Have you heard of the amazing class that I will be hosting in Anaheim, California? Check out the website for details on this class that you won't want to miss. If you can't make it to the live class in California you can still sign up for the virtual class. 

First of all, did you have the chance to view my Facebook live from yesterday, June 26, 2018? If not, here's a little behind the scenes. 

I introduced the four gorgeous cards that are part of the California Adventure class and I created a card using this fun download called " Birthday Magic"

I wanted to give you different ideas with this adorable download. I have to be honest but, if you've seen my lives you have noticed that I do mention that I don't like to color it's not my cup of tea. I do however, enjoy to fussy cut, this is relaxing to me.

I love to create on the spot, it allows me to include my viewers during my  Facebook live to give me their input and suggestions.

 I created a simple layer using printed pink paper along with a circle to add my unicone (unicorn) as my viewers suggested. The download comes with different unicorns and this one that I used is in a cone that's why I named it Unicone. Fun right?

 As I'm adding the finishing touches I do love to splatter my projects it’s never finished until I add this finish touch.

It came out so adorable! I just love to create, it makes my heart happy and specially I love to inspire you to create pretty things. Thank you for taking the time to read and again if you love this download and would like to know more about the up coming event click HERE

Remember to create, capture and share hope to make a difference


-Richard Garay

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