Certified Studio Designer Program

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Our Certified Studio Designer Program is designed to give you, the passionate paper crafter hands on opportunities to create the life you want with RG Studio. The opportunity for you to earn deep commissions, exclusive product, team incentives and commissions are all easy to achieve with RG Studio.

About the program:

What is a Certified Studio Designer?
–  A Certified Studio Designer (CSD) is a paper crafter who has completed our online certification program and has obtained an exclusive CSD number for personal use (Discount on RG Studio product) Commission Generation (Personal and team monthly commissions)

Who can become a CSD?
–  Anyone who would love to have exclusive access to RG Studio product and has a passion for creativity.

Do I have to meet a specific sales number?
– There are no sales quotas or restrictions, if you don’t sell or buy then you simply don’t make commissions or earn discounts.

Is there a fee to become a CSD?
– There is a one-time fee of $25.00 US dollar processing fee to set up your independent sales account.

Can I leave the company at any time?
– Absolutely you can decide to resign your certification at any time with no further obligation or requirements.

Will I be trained to grow my business?
– As a CSD you will have access to a growing library of education from the Studio Team. You will also have access to special graphics for the promotion of your business. We will also include special training and updates to our certification process to give you more opportunities to grow your creative education.

Will I be able to grow a team?
– Yes, as a CSD you will have the opportunity to grow and manage your designer team. You as the recruiter will earn 10% commission from your first level designers and 5% commissions from your second level designers.

Do I have to meet a sales goal to earn a commission on my designs?
– No, if you have already grown your team then you will earn commission from their sales regardless of your personal sales performance.

We have room for growth and as you grow so will your personal commissions. When you become a CSD you come into the company at the certified level. When you are comfortable enough to start building your team of designers then you level up to higher personal commission earnings, see chart below.

CSD Level Personal Level 1 Level 2
Certified 25% 10% 5%
Lead 30% 10% 5%
Manager 35% 10% 5%
Director 40% 10% 5%


What are the requirements to level up?
– The only requirements to level up are to grow your team of designers.

Certified Level Complete the program
Lead Level 5 Active level one designers
Manager Level 15 Active level one designers
Director Level 25 Active level one designers.

There are no sales requirements for you or your team of designers.

Can I be terminated by the company?
–  If you or your designers do not place any orders through your CSD ID number then your CSD number is subject to be removed from our CSD program.

If one of your studio team members gets removed from our program and it affects your level then an adjustment to your personal commission rate may be made.

Can I change who my referring CSD is?
–  Once you have signed up as a CSD your information is secured in our system. You are not eligible to change your partnering CSD.

You can, in fact, choose to be removed from the program and start over with a new CSD certification after 3 months from being removed.

Once you have completed the certification program please read the terms and conditions carefully for more details on the CSD program from RG Studio. We are excited for you to take the next steps in creating the life you want. This is your time to take control and Make Amazing Happen!

Click here to complete the certification program, and welcome to the RG Studio Community!